2342 sugar gliders match your request. Showing 1501-1600 (24 pages)
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Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Gizmo TFP 07/22/2015 Classic Grey
Gizmo UANG 04/14/2015 Classic Grey PET ONLY. Neutered
Gizmo ~SunsetSuggies~ 03/16/2016 Platinum 66% Het Leucistic
Gizmo- HHSG 2010/01/05 Classic Grey
Gizmo-aclements 06/29/2013 Classic Grey 100% albino het/33% cremino het/25% leu het/33% plat het. Possible mosaic.
Gizmo-Fundy Sugar Gliders 07/13/2013 White Faced Blonde 3rd gen, 25% Silverbell plat het, 25% leu het, 25% creamino het
Gizmo-grey YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Gizmo-LLD 04/02/2016 Mosaic Ringtail 100% Leu Het & 25% Creme Het Amazing Ringtail
Gizmo-My Little Sugar Glider 2010/01/16 Classic Grey 66% het for Leucistic
gizmo23 09/14/2014 Leucistic 100% Leucistic
GIZMO<3 04/01/2012 Black Beauty
Gizmo~ BB Leu Het Neutered (TLC) 2010/08/DD Classic Grey Black Beauty 33+% Leu Het. Darkened up as he got older.
Gizzie Linn 03/03/2013 Classic Grey
Gizzy YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey Purchased from Pet Paradise Virginia Beach Nov. 2004 as part of an unrelated pair.
Gizzy (GM) 01/01/2015 Black Beauty He is 100% Leu Het. His father is Leucistic and mother is 100% Leu Het.
Gizzy(BH) 2011/07/31 Classic Grey
Gizzy(Outbacksuggies 2011/07/17 Classic Grey
Glacie YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% Leu Het
Glacie - leucistic YYYY/MM/DD Leucistic
Glacier YYYY/MM/DD Leucistic
Glacier YYYY/MM/DD Leucistic
Glacier GB platinum 08/01/2016 Platinum
Glacier Martinez 2011/07/18 Leucistic
Glacier Phelps MM/DD/YYYY Leucistic This glider is actually a leucistic/mosaic. The speckled ears is an indication of mosaic underneath the leucistic coloring. He produced a ringtail mosaic and proving him to be leucistic/mosaic.
gladdisgirlsgg 03/20/2014 Classic Grey possible BB
GladdisSGG mm/dd/yyyy White Face 100% Leu het
Gladiator - White Mosaic - TPG 2011/11/12 Mosaic 100% het for leucistic
Gladiolus (tdg) 4/22/17 Mosaic Piebald Pied Mosaic Black Beauty
Gladis HLB 01/02/2016 Mosaic %100 Leu/Plat Het, plat proven
Gladius 07/05/14 Platinum
gladys 12/08/2013 Leucistic
Glam Glider Test Joey YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Glam Leu test MM/DD/YYYY Leucistic
Glamour NWA Sugar Babies 08/05/2013 Mosaic WFB Mosaic Ringtail
glamour/cash test joey MM/DD/YYYY Creme-ino
Glare 2005/MM/DD Classic Grey
Glasseye MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Glaze (valdo) 10/04/2015 Classic Grey Classic Grey possible white tip hets
Glaze - Albino - S & S 2010/09/30 Albino
Glee 04/17/2017 Leucistic
Glee-My Little Sugar Glider 06/25/2016 White Faced Blonde 66% het for Lecistic out of pied lines
Glen 10/26/13 Leucistic 100% mosaic het.
Glenda 10/26/13 White White mosaic 100% leu het.
Glenda Kaye Miller 07/03/2014 Black Beauty
Glenwing-AP 08/18/2014 Mosaic 100% leu het
gleu-tsg 7/7/2014 Leucistic 100% platinum het
Glibert Classic Grey Sterile Line
Gliden & Zimmer Offspring - TPG YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Gliden - Leucistic -TPG 2007/08/14 Leucistic white face blonde
Glider YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic
Glider MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Glider Alis Anna 02/17/2015 White Faced Blonde 100% Creme Het; 100% Platinum Het; 50% Leu Het
Glider Alis Cherish 2013/03/24 Platinum 100% Leu Het
Glider Alis Elsa 02/17/2015 Mosaic Ringtail 100% Creme Het; 100% Platinum Het; 50% Leu Het
Glider Alis Frosty 2012/11/26 Leucistic
Glider Alis Gandalf Sharn-S 2013/01/16 Mosaic Piebald 100% platinum het, 50% leu het
Glider Alis Ginger 2012/11/26 Platinum 100% Leucistic Het
Glider Alis Kristoff 02/17/2015 Mosaic Ringtail 50% Plat/Leu Het
Glider Alis Leo 2013/01/16 White Face 50% leu het, 25% plat het
Glider Alis Olaf 02/17/2015 Platinum 50% Leu Het
Glider Alis Queen 09/03/2014 Platinum TPM
Glider Alis Skwerl 01/10/2015 White Faced Blonde 100% Creme Het; 100% Platinum Het; 50% Leu Het
Glider Alis Sunbeam 08/03/2013 Platinum TPM
Glider Alis Treasure 2013/03/24 Leucistic From Leu/Plat Lines
Glider Alis Una 2013/05/05 White Face 50% leu het, 25% plat het
Glider Craze Cahya 04/09/2014 Mosaic ringtail 100% leu het
glider craze magenta MM/DD/YYYY White Face Proven leu het
GliderAlis Ziva 2012/05/09 White Face 50% het leucistic, 25% het platinum
glidercraze a f test MM/DD/YYYY Platinum 50% cremeino het
glidercraze a a and p MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic Piebald
glidercraze aaron MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey 100% creme het
Glidercraze Adien MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GliderCraze Androemda &Aurora MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic
glidercraze annabell MM/DD/YYYY Creme-ino
GliderCraze Araceli GH 06/15/2016 Mosaic Piebald Pied ringtail 50-66% leu het
GliderCraze Aries MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic
glidercraze ash MM/DD/YYYY Platinum
GliderCraze Atlas MM/DD/YYYY Creme-ino
glidercraze badazzeld MM/DD/YYYY Platinum
Glidercraze Betsy 02/03/16 Mosaic
Glidercraze Billy bob (Carey) MM/DD/YYYY White Faced Blonde 100% cremeino het
Glidercraze Boo MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey 100% lei OR plat het
glidercraze c j test MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Glidercraze Carlos HSG 03/10/2015 Black Beauty Black Face Black Beauty; son of Raven
Glidercraze Carter MM/DD/YYYY Platinum Platinum 50% Cremeino het
Glidercraze Carter x Persimmon MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GliderCraze Cassiopeia MM/DD/YYYY White Faced Blonde
GliderCraze Cassiopeia &Vega MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
glidercraze charles MM/DD/YYYY Creme-ino
Glidercraze Circa x cater MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Glidercraze Cookie 2011/11/18 Leucistic
Glidercraze daisy MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
glidercraze dd test MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GliderCraze Devonian MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic 100% creme 100% Leu low albino
glidercraze Doncye MM/DD/YYYY Creme-ino
glidercraze Doncye MM/DD/YYYY Creme-ino
Glidercraze Dust-Ursula MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic 100% leu het
Glidercraze Dwayne 02/29/16 Creme-ino 100% leu het
Glidercraze Dwight 02/29/16 Creme-ino 100% leu het
glidercraze erin MM/DD/YYYY Creme-ino
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