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Name OOP Date Color Genetics
GBG Tru- Leucistic 2008/11/15 Leucistic
gbg twain YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% Leu/25% albino het
GBG twain x genevieve YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
GBG Twain x Halyn YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
GBG Twana YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% leu proven, 66% albino
GBG Tweak MM/DD/YYYY Leucistic 100% albino
GBG Twister MM/DD/YYYY Platinum
GBG twister x piper MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Uno Ruby Leu Platinum Creme-ino
GBG UNO x Halyn MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Vella Bro YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
GBG Wallis MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic
GBG Wallis x Cleopatra MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Wendy YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 50% het for Leucistic
GBG Whales MM/DD/YYYY Albino
GBG whiteout MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic 100% cino
GBG whiteout x starla MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Wilbur MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic
GBG Wilbur x Rhea MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Will x Tink YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
GBG William MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic
GBG William x Kate MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Wonton MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey 100% cremeino 50% platinum
GBG Wonton x Rain Drop MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Wowser MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Wowser x Aveevah MM/DD/YYYY Platinum No leu!!!
GBG Wowzer x Aveevah MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Wynonna MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic Proven plat het
GBG Xyla YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% Albino
GBG Yahoo YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% Leu and Albino
GBG Yodle YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic
GBG Yodle x Yoohoo YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
GBG Yoohoo YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% Albino/100% Leu
GBG YouNique YYYY/MM/DD Creme-ino Paradox Creme-ino
GBG Zabrina MM/DD/YYYY Black Beauty
GBG Zada MM/DD/YYYY Black Beauty Black Face
GBG Zainy MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic
GBG Zales MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Zamir MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic
GBG Zamir x Elvira MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic
GBG Zander x Allie MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Zaria YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic 1005 Leu het
GBG Zaria x Angelo YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
GBG Zaxby MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic
GBG Zaxby x Tori MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Zebediah x zelina MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Zeke MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic
GBG Zeke x Zales MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Zelia YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic 66% cremeino het
GBG Zelina MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Zelus x Violette YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
GBG Zenon - Mosaic 2008/05/12 Mosaic 25% het for Leucistic
GBG Zeus YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 25%+ Albino Het
gbg zeus test YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
GBG Ziggy MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic Black Face
GBG Ziggy and Ziva/Zivanka MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GBG Ziva and Zivanka MM/DD/YYYY Black Beauty BFBB
GBG Zoey - Mosaic 2008/05/23 Mosaic 25% het for Leucistic
gc magenta X solar MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey Test
gc test MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
GD YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
gd YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey Either 100%leu or plat het, 25% albino het
Gebas (petshome) 09/12/2017 Leucistic
Gebu(petshome) 09/12/2017 Leucistic
Gedget 2011/08/01 White Face
Gedgit 2010/10/01 Mosaic 100% Leu Het
Gee* 2015 Mosaic Piebald 100% leu het - 50% cremeino het
Gee*/Astor* girls 03/05/2016 Mosaic 50% leu het - 27% creme het
Gee/Astor-Argyle girl 3/1/2017 Classic Grey
Gei TCG MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic Ringtail 100% Cream het 25% Lue het 25% albino Het
Gei test MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Geillis-My Little Sugar Glider 2010/05/10 White Faced Blonde White Face Champagne out of Leucistic and Haley Platinum background.
Geisha-My Little Sugar Glider 2011/07/07 Mosaic Piebald 50% het for Leucistic. Powdered Pied with Ringtail.
Gelatin-KB 08/24/2018 Caramel (from Merauke, Indonesia)
Gellhorn - Mosaic - TPG 2012/05/04 Mosaic 100% het for albino / 25% het for cremeino
Gellie-My Little Sugar Glider AKA Pebbles 09/10/2014 White Faced Blonde 100% het for Ruby Leu/100% het for Creme~ino/100% het for Leucistic
Gem YYYY/MM/DD Creme-ino
Gem 2007/07/09 White Faced Blonde
Gem (DMS) 09/17/2016 Classic Grey 50% Leu het low creme het from dbl pied lines
Gem (E.S.G.) 09/12/0213 Mosaic Ringtail wfb low albino and leu het
Gem PSG YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic Ringtail
Gema Cruse 07/09/2015 Mosaic Piebald 50 % Platinum 25 % Leu het
Gema~RSSG* 05/16/2016 Classic Grey
Gemini - Deceased 2004/04/17 Classic Grey
Gemini-AP 06/19/2013 White Face 100% leu het. White face.
Gemma 09/08/2013 White Face 50% creamino het
Gemma -faith 2011/12/22 Creme-ino
Gemma BC YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic White Mo, 50% Poss Leu
Gemma Dc 06/29/2016 Creme-ino 100% creme het and 100% leu het 12.5% silver bell plat
Gemma DSG 05/28/2013 Leucistic
Gemma jbh 12/15 Leucistic
Gemma nikkis babies 07/04/2013 White Face 100% cremino het
Gemma- TGP MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Gemma-KSG 04/01/2015 Black Beauty 100% Leu Het
Gemma-My Little Sugar Glider 02/26/2015 Classic Grey 100% het for Cremeino
Gemmy Rudd 03/24/2014 Mosaic 100% cremino het
Gempi 02/11/2017 Leucistic 100 % Leu
Gemstone YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% Creme-ino
Gena 05/29/2016 Creme-ino
Genaveve 01/18/2014 White Face
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