Name Winter (click to view pedigree)
Owner Unknown
Breeder Judie Hausmann
Gender Female
Father Shy Baby #1 - 100% leu het
Mother Sesamie - leucistic
OOP Date 2004/12/07
Color White
Genetics leucistic
Inbred percentage 0 %
6 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Angelica- Leucistic YYYY/MM/DD Leucistic
Arwen 2006/09/09 Leucistic
Arwen 06/09/06 Leucistic
Mint- 100% het for Leucistic YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% het for Leucistic
Monty - Classic - TPG YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% Het. Leucistic
Windsor - Leucistic - TPG 2005/11/03 White leucistic
Brothers and sisters
12 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Aiden YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% Het Leucistic
Camellia 2005/10/17 Classic Grey 100% leu het
Chi YYYY/MM/DD Leucistic
Cola-leu het YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% leu het
Fantasia YYYY/MM/DD Leucistic
Montana- leu YYYY/MM/DD Leucistic
Stella 2004/05/02 Classic Grey 100% Leucistic Het
Suki 2006/07/11 Leucistic
Sundance - leucistic, TPG 2005/02/21 White Leucistic
Tai Pan YYYY/MM/DD Leucistic
Tiki - leucistic 2004/05/02 White sister of Tai Pan
Zurina 2005/02/21 Leucistic
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