Doe - MGW&M/CnC (RB)
Name Doe - MGW&M/CnC (RB) (click to view pedigree)
Owner Danielle Eitson
Breeder David Watkins
Gender Female
Father Hiho MGW&M
Mother Molly (ret)
Picture Unknown
OOP Date 2012/09/10
Color Leucistic
Genetics possible wf
Inbred percentage 0.3662 %
5 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Bella - CnC/Amanda 01/20/2014 Platinum WF & 100% Leu het.
Bobo - CnC/Amanda 01/20/2014 Platinum 100% Leu het
Cream - CnC/Cora 07/04/2013 Platinum Also WF; Haley plat line
Lydia - CnC/Autumn 05/03/2014 Classic Grey White Face 100% Leu het, 12.5% Plat het
Marshall - TTSG 05/03/2014 Platinum WF, 100% Leu het
Brothers and sisters
11 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Argent (E.S.G.) 2012/01/17 Classic Grey 100% leu het
Cocoa Blanc (Bourbon) 2012/06/23 Leucistic
Comit Hiho TCG MM/DD/YYYY White Faced Blonde proven H plat het
Drama (Nikki) 2012/04/10 Classic Grey 100% Leu het
hiho x molly test baby female YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
king (cobb) 2012/06/23 Classic Grey 100% leu het
Platino (Bourbon) 2011/05/15 Classic Grey 100% leu het
Silver (cora) 2011/09/20 Classic Grey
Sky High- Leucistic - TPG 2011/05/11 Leucistic
Titan 2012/1/17 Leucistic
Willow (MP) 12/22/2012 Leucistic
Added by Danielle
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