Jolene - To & Fro
Name Jolene - To & Fro (click to view pedigree)
Owner Sheila Willson
Breeder Unknown
Gender Female
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
OOP Date 2001/05/DD
Color Platinum
Genetics Mosaic
Remarks Died in 2006, never had any joeys after Taz in 2005. Please do not try to register joeys under this Jolene. Ty
Inbred percentage At least both parents need to be known to do an inbreeding calculation.
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Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Sasha- 50% leu het, ToFro 2005/03/11 Classic Grey 50%
Taz 2005/11/16 Mosaic Bred at The Pet Glider to our glider Shakespeare. Jolene stayed here for close to a year to get pregnant and have her special joey Taz that we supplemented with milk while we raised him.
Twister 2004/08/11 White Faced Blonde 100% Leucistic Het, possible platinum het
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