Name Gizmo (click to view pedigree)
Owner Sheila Willson
Breeder Sheila Willson
Gender Male
Father Nelson
Mother Nilla Toandfrogliders
Picture Unknown
OOP Date 10/27/2015
Color Ringtail
Genetics 100% Cremino Het, 66% Leucistic Het, WFB
Remarks Pied Taz Line
Inbred percentage 0.5668 %
Brothers and sisters
5 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Francis 09/12/2013 Leucistic 100% Het Cremino, WFB, Possible mosaic, 25% Het Albino
Heimerdinger 08/23/15 Mosaic 100% Cremino Het, 66% Leucistic Het, WFB Mosaic
Katarina 05/06/2014 Leucistic 100% Het Cremino, 25% Het For Albino
Prada 05/06/2015 Leucistic 100% Cremino Het, 25% Albino Het
TJ 01/19/2014 Mosaic Mosaic ringtail, 100% Cremino Het, WFB, 66% leu het, 25% Albino Het
Added by Sheila
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