Name FlamePLS (click to view pedigree)
Owner Linda Latham
Breeder Sheila Willson
Gender Male
Father Kodiak
Mother Kitty
Picture Unknown
OOP Date 01/21/2015
Color Platinum
Genetics 100% leu, 66% cremino heats. Cremino het coloring indicates 100% cremino.
Inbred percentage 0.8651 %
8 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
OFG Blaze SB 09/24/2018 Red/Brown Series 100% plat or leu,Mom is red white tip. Hets and garnet eyes indicate creamino
Crimson SB 05/07/2019 Red/Brown Series 100% leu, 66% Creamino
Delhi JBNC (Resa) MM/DD/YYYY Red 100 leu or plat with bright garnet eyes. Red color and garnet eyes indicate 100% cremino het.
Noelle SB 12/25/2018 Red/Brown Series 100% leu, 66% cremino
Resa Embra 03/12/2018 Ruby Leu Ruby Plat or Ruby Leu (only breeding will prove). Adopted as pet only with option to buy breeding rights in the future. MUST pay breeding price PRIOR to breeding
Resa Percy 07/01/2018 Creme-ino Neutered and adopted pet only.
Tommy LL MM/DD/2016 Red/Brown Series
Zeus SB~Kennelley Krittters 12/25/2018 Leucistic 100% Leu, 66% Cremino
Brothers and sisters
16 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Ahri 07/30/2015 Creme-ino 50% Het Leu, 50% Het Albino, WFB,
Biscuit Toandfro 03/13/2014 Platinum 66% het for Cremino,100% het Leucistic, 100% Het for Albino, Platinum color, wfb 2nd gen, wfb
Elliotte 10/10/2014 Creme-ino
ELS Branch (Resa) 01/01/2016 Platinum 100% leu, 66% cremino hets. Pink color indicates 100% cremino.
Flame 01/21/2015 Strawberry Possible Leu het, cremino het, albino het, beautiful coloring
Gracie 01/06/2016 Classic Grey 66% het Leucistic, 50%Het albino, 66% het cremino
Gussy 01/06/2016 Platinum het for Leu, Albino, Cremino,
Harley Toandfro 04/08/2013 Platinum 66% het Cremino, 100% het Leucistic, 100% Albino Het, WFB
Honey Toandfro 03/13/2014 Creme-ino 50% Leucisitic Het,50% albino Het, possible platinum het 50%, WFB 2nd gen
Kass 07/30/2015 White Faced Blonde 66% het for Cremino, 50% het albino, 50% Het Leu, WFB
Nilla Toandfrogliders 2012/08/12 Creme-ino 100% het for Leucistic, WFB, 50% Het Albino
OFG Marlee 04/08/2013 Creme-ino 50% leu het. Full sister proved 100% leu het.
Puddin Toandfrogliders 2012/08/12 Creme-ino 50% Het for Leucistic, 50% het Albino,WFB
Sebastian 04/20/2015 Platinum 66% Crème Het, 100% Leu Het, 100% Albino Het
TFG Kodiak/Kitty MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Winston 10/10/2014 Creme-ino 50% Leu het, 2nd gen WFB, 50% Albino Het Cremino
Added by Linda Latham
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