Hailee SGJ
Name Hailee SGJ (click to view pedigree)
Owner Sugar Glider Joy
Breeder Priscilla Price
Gender Female
Father Zen - Mosaic - TPG
Mother Patches -Piebald Mosaic - TPG
Picture Unknown
OOP Date 08/25/2012
Color Mosaic Piebald
Inbred percentage 5.1391 %
9 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Bella SGJ 03/09/2015 White Face
GBG Rocket x Hailee Joeys MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Hailee Halo female joey MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic
Hailee Halo male joey MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic
Houston & Hailee SGJ babies MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Lexie 08/23/2014 Black Beauty
Ona SGJ 06/16/2015 Mosaic
Phil SGJ 05/18/2014 Black Beauty
Willow Sgj 03/05/2016 Mosaic
Brothers and sisters
6 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Cinderella - Piebald - TPG 06/03/2014 Mosaic Piebald
KC (Zen x Patches) Girl MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic Piebald
Patches Girls - Mosaics - TPG 2010/02/22 Mosaic
Pointer Sister - Piebald Mosaic - TPG 2009/09/14 Mosaic Piebald
Zen & Patches Offpring - TPG YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Zento - Mosaic - TPG 2012/01/28 Mosaic 100% het for leucistic - Proven out From a piebald producing family
Added by sugargliderjoy
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