Mr. Magoo
Name Mr. Magoo (click to view pedigree)
Owner Unknown
Breeder Sheila Willson
Gender Male
Father Caspian
Mother Magnolia
OOP Date 2009/05/30
Color Mosaic
Genetics 66% Het for Leucistic, WFB
Inbred percentage 0 %
11 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Anaru ~ Ness 2013/04/14 Ringtail 50% leu het
Kaitir ~ Ness YYYY/MM/DD White Face 100% proven leu het
Kemosabe ~Ness 08/05/2013 Ringtail 50% leu het
Lysia and Clarissa YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic Twin sisters Lysia (Mosiac) and Clarissa (WFB)
Mougli Phelps MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic 50%leu
Mr. Magoo and Cumbia test MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic 50% leu het
Ronan~Ness 01/11/2013 White Faced Blonde 50% leu het
Scarlett SSGG 11/08/2014 Ringtail 50% leu het/white face/pied line mosaic
Seiko ~Ness 2012/09/19 Mosaic 50% leu het
Shafira~Ness 05/23/2014 Mosaic Piebald Proven leu het
Tonto SSGG 08/05/2013 Ringtail 50% leu het
Brothers and sisters
17 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Bamm Bamm 2010/09/09 Leucistic Possible WFB, Possible Mosaic
Donatello 2011/11/24 White Faced Blonde 66% Leucistic Het
Fruitloops 2009/08/26 Mosaic WFB 66% Het Leucistic
Lillie 2010/02/05 Leucistic Possible Mosaic
Maggie 2010/04/27 Classic Grey 66% Het Leu Het
Miss Chevious 2009/05/30 Mosaic 66% Het Leucistic
Molly (ret) 2010/04/27 Leucistic
Montague 2008/12/16 Leucistic Magnolia Line
Pasha 2010/12/10 Mosaic 66% Het Leucistic WFB
Pebbles 2010/09/09 White Faced Blonde
Princess (E.S.G.) 2012/22/11 White Face 100% leu het/ ringtail /mosaic She has produced moscistic joeys
Princess toandfro 2011/03/22 Mosaic 66% Het Leucistic
Ringo 2009/11/22 Mosaic 66% Het Leucistic
Rocky 2009/11/22 Mosaic Neutered
Sugaree White Winter 2009/08/26 Leucistic Possible Mosaic, possible WFB
WSG Peanut 2012/04/03 Mosaic 66% leu het
Zansibar 2011/11/03 Leucistic
Added by Sheila
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