Disco - albino het
Name Disco - albino het (click to view pedigree)
Owner Brian Taylor
Breeder Brian Taylor
Gender Female
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Picture Unknown
Color Classic Grey
Genetics 100% albino het
Inbred percentage At least both parents need to be known to do an inbreeding calculation.
8 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Alabaster - albino YYYY/MM/DD White albino
Alfred - albino YYYY/MM/DD White albino
Buttercup 2004/01/01 Classic Grey
Galileo - albino YYYY/MM/DD Albino albino, white fur, red eyes
GBG Pearl- Albino Het 2005/11/21 Classic Grey 66% het for Albino
Giselle - Classic - TPG 2006/06/01 Classic Grey 100% het for albino
Humperdink - 100% het albino 2004/04/01 Classic Grey 100% het for albino
Princess - albino 2002/11/DD White Albino, het cremeino
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