Correy Reds - TPG
Name Correy Reds - TPG (click to view pedigree)
Owner The Pet Glider
Breeder Unknown
Gender Female
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Color Cinnamon
Inbred percentage At least both parents need to be known to do an inbreeding calculation.
23 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Aphrodite 2007/12/31 Classic Grey 50% het for leucistic from mosaic line
Caroline - Piebald Mosaic - TPG 2007/09/14 Mosaic 50% leu het
Collin - Mosaic/wfb - TPG 2007/07/07 Mosaic 50% het for leucistic
Coney - ringtail YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic
Cora YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic
cork YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic WF
Corkey & Correy Reds MOS - TPG MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Cosette 2007/06/06 Red/Brown Series 50% het leu, father is mosaic and 100% het leu, mother is cinnamon
Francie 2006/09/09 Mosaic 50% Het. for Leucistic
GBG Corey YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic
Heartland's Genuwine Design 2007/08/09 Mosaic 50% het leucistic, Powdered mosaic, white hands, white legs, white tail.
James YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic Piebald 50% leu het
Judy YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic
Kokola - Mosaic - TPG 2008/08/01 Classic Grey
Lainey 2008/01/07 Mosaic 50% leucistic het
Luigi 2008/01/07 Ringtail Has a little white between the shoulders
Misty - White Mosaic - TPG 2008/02/17 Mosaic 50% het for leucistic
Paris - white mosaic 100% het leu 2006/09/09 Mosaic Piebald 100% Het. for Leucistic, proven
Seamus 2008/01/07 Mosaic 100% Leu het
Skylar 2006/07/08 Mosaic 50% het leucistic
Taylor - TPG 2006/07/08 Mosaic 50% het leucistic
Todd - Mosaic - TPG YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic 50% het for leucistic
Zack - Mosaic - TPG 05-01-2006 Mosaic 50% het leucistic
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