Caesar aka Victor - Albino
Name Caesar aka Victor - Albino (click to view pedigree)
Owner Stacie Jolley
Breeder Sheila Willson
Gender Male
Father Humperdink - 100% het albino
Mother Snowflake - 100% het albino
Picture Unknown
OOP Date 2005/10/21
Color Albino
Genetics Duplicate entry, name changed to Victor
Inbred percentage 6.25 %
2 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Minion 2007/07/25 Albino T+ Albino
Nekko 2007/04/24 White Faced Blonde 100% Albino Het
Brothers and sisters
7 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Bart 2007/04/19 Brown Beauty 100% Het for Albino proved out with his daughter Sephora, owned by Tyler
Brulee' 2008/01/01 Albino Albino, Dilute
Dimples - Albino - TPG 2006/08/02 White albino/deceased
Mia 2006/08/02 Classic Grey 100% Het for Albino
Solomon - ToandFro 2007/01/16 Creme-ino Albino t+/deceased
Victor - albino 2005/10/21 Albino deceased
Zoey(GliderWay) 2005/07/23 Classic Grey
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