WSG PipSqueak
Name WSG PipSqueak (click to view pedigree)
Owner Unknown
Breeder Beth Cramer
Gender Male
Father Bamm Bamm
Mother WSG Teegan
Picture Unknown
OOP Date 2012/03/04
Color Mosaic
Genetics 33-100% leu het, 33% creme-ino het
Remarks heterochromia
Inbred percentage 0.6912 %
7 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Amara hssg 12/02/15 Leucistic Possible mosaic, 100% crem with garnet eyes
JoanPiptest YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
SSS ELI MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic (unusual)
SSS Flurry 9/11/14 Mosaic
Test WSG Violet and WSG Pipsqueak MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
WSG Iris/Pip test MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
WSG P&P Test joey MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
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