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Name OOP Date Color Genetics
x Classic Grey
Xaarro HSHSG 12/10/2017 Mosaic Marble
Xana MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Xana MM/DD/YYYY Platinum Ruby plat
Xanadu - Sugar Shock 08/01/2017 Classic Grey 66% Leucistic Het, 16.5% Creme-ino Het, 6.25% Platinum Het Male
Xanadu-My Little Sugar Glider 2012/01/27 Classic Grey 100% het for Cremino
Xander 2005/02/08 White Faced Blonde
Xander - Sugar Exotics 12/01/2013 Platinum True Platinum Mosaic, 100% Leu Het
Xander Fisher 07/08/2017 Classic Grey 33% leu het; Strong pied lines, Pied father (Ryker) and grandfather (Kaleidoscope)
Xander ndakg (hssg) 02/25/2016 Mosaic 25% crem het, low leu or plat het
Xander Phelps MM/DD/YYYY Creme-ino 66% platinum het
Xandra Strempski 06/02/2018 Creme-ino 66% Leu het. From Pied/Paradox and BB lines.
Xandres MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic Ringtail White Face
Xandria 03/01/2017 Classic Grey 100 het plat and cremeino
xantara zindo MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Xantho (B.G) 2010/04/12 White Faced Blonde 66% Albino Hets/ 50% Crem-ino Hets
Xanto (E.S.G.) 07/10/2013 Classic Grey 100% Creamino Het
Xavier YYYY/MM/DD Red/Brown Series
Xavier 2007/08/DD Classic Grey
Xavier 03/01/2017 Mosaic 100% het creme and leu/plat 50% het albino
Xavier (cajun) 02/24/2016 Classic Grey 33% leu het, cremino het
Xavier (cora) 01/02/2014 Mosaic All white mosaic - 100% leu het
Xavier - mosaic 2006/02/11 Mosaic
Xavier BBB 09/02/2014 Leucistic Possible mosaic
Xavier GH 5/10/14 White Face 100% Creamino Het. 12.5% leu het
xavier jr. (cobb) 04/DD/2015 Mosaic all white but ears / 100% lue het
Xavier Lewis 05/26/2017 White Faced Blonde 100% Plat/Leu & 25% Creme het
Xavier x Savannah test baby female MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Xavier x Savannah test baby male MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
xavier x savannah x vincent x mia MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Xavier's Girl YYYY/MM/DD Mosaic Heavy marked Mosaic - proven 100% leu het
xavierxriley test joey male MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Xavior TFP 05/23/2014 Lion True Blonde
Xena 09/04/2013 Leucistic Possible Mosaic, Non-Sterile Lines, Proven Pied Producing Line (Possible Het)
Xena 10/02/2013 White Faced Blonde
Xena 05/17/2016 Ringtail 50% cremino het, 33% leu/plat het
Xena MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Xena 10/30/2017 Leucistic
Xena (km) 04/18/2015 Mosaic Pied markers. Mother was a progressive pied. Het for leu/plat
Xena (S.R.G.) 01/15/2018 Leucistic
Xena - HH 07/27/2015 White Face
Xena - Pet Only 9/13/2014 09/13/2014 Mosaic 100% Leu Het
Xena - ta 10/26/2016 Platinum 100% Leucistic/cremino
Xena Baby YYYY/MM/DD White Face
Xena GBG 06/20/2014 Mosaic
Xena Sharn S MM/DD/YYYY Platinum
Xena SS 02/06/2015 Black Beauty
Xena TL YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Xena-My Little Sugar Glider 07/16/2014 Ringtail 100% het for Leucistic
XenaTest MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Xeneri 2006/09/11 Classic Grey 100% leu het
Xenia 2011/09/02 White Face 2nd gen wf wt het 50% creamino het
Xenia TL 2011/10/15 White Tip
Xerotus 07/01/2016 Creme-ino
Xerxes 2012/11/20 Mosaic 100% het for cremeino
Xerxes & Esther FOS - TPG MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Xerxes & Esther MOS - TPG MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Xerxes - Mosaic - TPG 11/03/2013 Mosaic 50% leu
Xerxes BBB 09/02/2014 Platinum 100% Leucistic Het
Xerxes GH 02/19/2016 Ringtail 100% leucistic het
xhailey YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% leu het
Xiao 08/17/2015 Leucistic Possible mosaic
Xibalba HSG 11/21/2015 Black Beauty Black Face
Xila 08/17/2015 Leucistic Possible mosaic
XindixWorf TTSG MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Xindi~Ness 01/09/2014 Platinum 100% leu het
Xindle 12/25/2013 Leucistic
Xiu Hua (B.G) 2009/07/02 Lion 100% Albino Het
xiu MAR 12/29/2015 Classic Grey 100%het creme-ino 100%het leucistic
Xiu Mei (B.G) 2009/06/09 Classic Grey 100% Leucistic Het & 100% Creme-ino Het
Xixi of Suggie Snuggles 09/DD/2013 White Face 100% Het Leucistic
Xpense-JH 2011/01/08 Ringtail 25% leu het
xtreme 02/14/2016 Mosaic
Xuna 04/04/2016 Mosaic Leu Het
Xybelle-SS MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Xyleigha 8/20/2014 Black Beauty
Xylia 2011/09/02 White Tip 2nd gen WF/WT 50% creamino het
Xylia Lisbony 10/12/2016 Mosaic 50% crème het, 25% plat/leu het, cedar lines, BFBB lines, and double pied lines.
Xylon (B.G) 2010/04/22 Classic Grey 100% Crem-ino Hets; 50% Albino Hets
Xzavier~RSSG* 08/01/2016 Black Beauty
xztester YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey