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Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Q YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Q-Tee (PSG) YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey WT Het
Q-Tip YYYY/MM/DD White Tip
Q-Tip (Gale) 07/03/2015 Classic Grey 100% Lue Het
Q-Tip PSG 2005/02/21 White Tip
Q-tip:Shenan 11/13/2016 Leucistic 100% Leucistic (Proven by owner of Schezwan-Leucistic/wfb), 100% platinum
Qaavo HSHSG 01/04/2017 Mosaic Piebald
Qay 11/07/2014 Classic Grey
Qilia (AzeLee --> Fazlee) 2011/07/29 Classic Grey
Qiliu (AzeLee --> Sumaiyah) 2011/07/29 Classic Grey
Qisha 09/21/2010 Classic Grey
qouru 2010/06/27 Classic Grey
QTip NG 05/11/2013 Leucistic
Quade TGP YYYY/MM/DD White Face 100% leu het
Quake-White Hill 01/22/2016 Mosaic Piebald
Quark & Carmel Offspring - TPG YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Quark - AP YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% leu het
Quark - KG 2011/12/02 Leucistic
Quark - White Face Blonde - TPG 2011/06/04 White Faced Blonde 100% het for cremino
Quartz Lamb 09/14/2014 Mosaic
Quartzs- Mosaic 2010/05/05 Mosaic 100% leu het
Quasar 10/10/2015 Mosaic marbled mosaic, 100% plat/leu het, possible white face
Quasimodo OLOT 9/16/16 White Face
Quattro-MSSG 11/03/2013 Classic Grey 100% het for Creme-ino
Queen and Jester test YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Queenie 06/12/2014 Creme-ino
Queenie (lollipop) 11/05/2014 Mosaic
Queenie Victoria Fox 2007/09/27 Leucistic Leucistic,heaven sent!. possible White Faced Blonde under Leucistic
Queequeg 06/22/2013 Platinum White faced Haley plat, 66% leu het, 33% Silverbell plat het
Quella (SGC) 04/28/2017 Black Beauty Blackface lines
Queso 2011/09/22 White Faced Blonde
Quest Jolley YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Quest SGJ 08/01/2015 Mosaic
Questa 01-05-2017 Platinum 56% Cremeino/50% Leucistic
Queti (E.S.G.) MM/DD/YYYY White Faced Blonde possible cremino/albino/leu het
Quicksilver LP 06/06/2015 Classic Grey
Quicy(cz) 01/15/12 Leucistic
Quiet Sisters - White Face Blondes - TPG 2011/06/16 White Faced Blonde 50% het for leucistic
Quigley 02/24/2014 Mosaic 100% Leucistic het from pied lines
quill 10/06/2012 Classic Grey triple het mother AJ platinum father Diablo Black Beauty
Quill MM/DD/YYYY Leucistic mo
Quill Berry Envy 07/04/2017 Black Beauty 25% Creme Het,12.5% Albino, 6.25%Lue
Quill Berry Envy MM/DD/YYYY Black Beauty
Quill Berry Lust MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic
Quill Berry Willa 08/01/2017 Platinum
Quill Valentine -Stowaway Gliders 01/09/2015 White Faced Blonde 100% creme het, 66% leu het Strawberry/red runs in the line
quilla Gliderville usa gliders 09/07/2017 Leucistic
Quillberrys Bram MM/DD/YYYY Platinum lue het
Quillberrys Bram/Bianca test MM/DD/YYYY Platinum
Quil~CDS 09/29/2016 Mosaic 100% Leu Het Ringtail
Quin-tin OLOT 11/27/2016 Classic Grey
Quincey Shugart 09/25/2013 Mosaic White Caramel Mosaic Male, 50% Leucistic Het
quincy (aec) YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Quincy - Leucistic - TPG 2012/06/21 Leucistic
Quincy and Tamela Offspring - TPG YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Quincy(cz) 01/15/12 Leucistic
Quinlan♡ 09/09/2015 Platinum 66% Lue Het
Quinn 04/03/2014 Leucistic
Quinn 03/16/2015 Classic Grey 66% platinum het
Quinn (E.S.G.) 2008 Black Beauty
Quinn (FS) 2011/10/01 Mosaic 66% creme het, 12.5% albino het, 31.25% leu het, 25-50% plat het
Quinn FS (lollipop) 04/28/2015 Black Beauty 25% cremeino het
Quinn JBH 04/16/17 Leucistic
Quinn SN 07/21/2015 Black Beauty
Quint PBG 09/27/13 White Faced Blonde 100% Creamino het, WFB male
Quinton 06/15/2015 Classic Grey 50/50 plat/leu het
Quinton (SGC) 05/05/2017 White Face 100% het Cremeino
Quinton Phelps MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey 50%creme/leu 25%albino
Quinton-AMJ 06/28/2014 Mosaic Ringtail 100% Leu
Quipolly Darling Ripple 2007/08/22 Classic Grey Double Het Leu and Creme-ino
Quirk - AP YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% leu het
Quixote - TPG 2001/12/26 Buttercream
Quizno* 11/22/2012 Platinum 100% Cremeino Het - 100% Leu Het proven!
Quizno*/ Sally* girls 03/12/2015 Mosaic 100% platinum het, 50% cremeino het
Quizno*/Sally* Boy MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Quizno*/Sally* girl 01/27/2016 Ringtail
Quizno*/Snowy Leu F 03/21/2014 Leucistic
Quiznos/Diamond MM/DD/YYYY Platinum
Quozi ost 02/23/2016 Mosaic 66% leu
Qupid NG 04/18/2014 Mosaic
Qushi 09/21/2010 Classic Grey
Qween (Cobb) 2012/05/10 Classic Grey