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Name OOP Date Color Genetics
O Malley Phelps 08/09/2015 White Tip 66% cremeino
O ushi-za 02/05/2017 Classic Grey
O&T boy MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey 100% Creme 100% Leu
O&T Girl MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey 100% Creme 100% Leu
O'Malley 11/21/13 Mosaic 100% Leucistic het from lines that have produced piebald.
O'Malley/Alisha offspring YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 50% het leu, 50% het albino
O-Ryan 03/21/2016 Mosaic 100% Leu het. Possible het for White Tip
Oak SGG 01/21/2014 Classic Grey 100% Cremino het, 50% leu, 50% Albino het, 12% Platinum het
Oakgirlbbmosgg 08/01/2015 Mosaic 50% creme het. 25% albino. Plat/leu het
Oaklee PSG 03/06/2018 Classic Grey 100% Cremeino het, 66% Leu het, from pied/paradox and BB lines.
Oakley (JL) 08/13/2017 Mosaic 100% Leu
Oakley (TGV) 09/25/2015 Platinum white face true platinum mosaic poss het leu White tail strong pied lines on both sides
Oakley - tsp sugar 2007/10/13 Buttercream
Oakley hssg (lollipop) 01/03/2016 Ruby Leu Strong platinum ruby leu line from TPG original ruby leu line (Jax/Hoodini)
Oakley SES 01/23/2015 Mosaic Ringtail
Oakley SLF YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey 100% Cremino Het & 25% Leu Het
Oakley Wilmoth 07/23/2016 Mosaic Marble 33% leu het; Strong pied lines, Pied father (Ryker) and grandfather (Kaleidoscope)
Oakley-BMP 11/25/2015 White Faced Blonde 66% Leu Het and 25% Creme Het
Oakley-btindle 11/30/2014 Classic Grey 100% albino het/16.5% cremino, leu & plat het
Oakley-LSS 01/24/2016 Mosaic Pied Lines (100% Creme Het, 66% Plat/Leu Het)
Oakley/Valora Test MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Oakmosboysgg MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic 50% creme het. 25% albino. Plat/leu het
Oasis (TGV) 10/31/2015 Platinum
Oates (Sgc) 05/03/2014 Platinum Related to collins
Oatmeal 05/13/2015 Classic Grey
Oatmeal-My Little Sugar Glider 02/05/2018 Classic Grey 100% het for Creme~ino
Oats and orchid (sgc) MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic
Oberlin YYYY/MM/DD White Face 100% Cremino Het
Oberon (B.G)-Albino 2009/11/24 Albino
Oberon~suggiebabies~ 05/20/2014 Leucistic From Sterile Producing Lines
Oberyn TTSG 12/2014 Ringtail 50% leu het
Oberyn ~Shelly Rosado SCSG~ 04/23/2014 Mosaic 100% Leu Het
OberynxElaaria MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Obi 10/12/2015 Caramel (from Merauke, Indonesia)
Obi Kenobi 06/08/14 Black Beauty
Obi Wan Kenobi~ WF MO Neutered(TLC) 2012/07/19 Mosaic Mosaic 50-66% Leu Het. NO STERILE LINES. From Mosaic 100% Leu Het Father and White Faced 50-66% Leu Het Mother.
Obi Wan-My Little Sugar Glider/FBT 09/07/2016 Red Mahogany Red Mosaic with Garnet Eyes.
Obi x Cristal joey YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Obi-Wan LGF 05/08/2017 Creme-ino 50% Plat/Leu 25% Albino het. May carry mosaic.
Obi/Padme baby MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Obie 2011/09/01 Classic Grey 66% Leu Het
Oblina 11/01/2015 Classic Grey grey
Oblio-My Little Sugar Glider 2011/03/12 White Faced Blonde 2nd Generation White Face Blonde. 33% het for Leucistic. Out of Haley Platinum Lines.
Obsidian (tgv) MM/DD/YYYY Platinum Platinum
Obsidian - Mosaic - TPG 03-25-16 Mosaic
Obsidian Carroll 01/27/2018 Platinum 100 creme 100 Leu
Obsidian SS 06/01/2016 Mosaic Black Face mosaic
Obsidian TFP 07/03/2015 Leucistic
Obsidian- Obi (Nikkis Babies) 2011/08/14 Classic Grey 33% leu het
Ocala (SGC) 10/27/2016 Mosaic Red mosaic
Occam 02/25/2017 Black Beauty
Occam x Inertia MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Oceana Cruse 07/27/2016 Black Beauty Pied lines on both sides
Oceana TFP 02/07/2014 Lion Mated with Magellan. True Blond. Related to Pewter and Platinum.
ochie 07/26/2013 Mosaic Ringtail
Octavia 2015 White Faced Lion 50% Leu het, 25% Albino het
Octavia BBB 03/21/2016 Creme-ino 100% Plat/66%Leu
Octavia/E 05/06/2018 Black Beauty 33% plat het and 33% leu.
October (Mattern) 2012/10/22 Classic Grey 100% Plat het 66% leu het possible Plat Haley Platinum line Sold to Mary Mattern with breeding rights
Oda SGG 03/20/2016 Mosaic
Odds PBG 2010/07/26 Leucistic Leu glider- will be staying home here with us!
Oddy 04/03/2014 White Face
Oddy and Opal breeding 02/15/2015 Classic Grey
Odella MM/DD/YYYY Caramel (from Merauke, Indonesia)
Oden-MH MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic Piebald 50% Leu Het, 16.5% Cino Het
Odessa SGG 7/22/13 Mosaic Black beauty
Odessa TFP 01/27/2018 White Faced Blonde
Odessa-AZ 09/09/2016 Mosaic Ringtail 100% Leucistic Het
Odessy-My Little Sugar GliderFBT 11/06/2016 Mosaic Mahogany Red Mosaic. 100% het for Creme~ino.
Odetta & Alta - Caramels - TPG 5-15-16 Caramel (from Merauke, Indonesia)
Odette - caramel S & S 2010/01/01 Caramel (from Merauke, Indonesia) Sub-species Petaurus Breviceps Flavidus Caramel color from Merauka Indonesia
Odette-SS White Face
Odi hssg 05/22/2014 Ruby Leu Ruby Plat (Cremeino & Platinum), Possible Mosaic, Possible WF, From Pied Lines (Possible Het)
Odi x Allegra MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
odi x allegra boy MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Odie YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Odie 04/09/14 Classic Grey
Odie 08/03/2015 Black Beauty
Odie MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Odin 01/20/2016 Mosaic True Platinum Mosaic, 100% leu, 33% Albino HETS
Odin 10/16/2016 Mosaic white faced, 50% plat/leu het
Odin (lollipop) 03/02/2015 Mosaic 100% cremeino het, 33% leu het
Odin - Sugar Exotics 2012/08/28 White Face 66% Leu Het
Odin Dyson 02/03/2016 Leucistic leu/50% crem het
Odin Freya test Classic Grey
Odin x Freya Male Test MM/DD/YYYY TPM True Platinum Mosaic
Odine SGG 03/20/2016 Mosaic
OdinTL 2010/06/30 Classic Grey
r PDX 2012/04/10 White Faced Blonde 33% cremeino het low leu het
Odysseus 2007/11/12 White Faced Blonde
Odysseus (C.M.R) 02/03/2016 TPM True Platinum Mosaic True platinum mosaic wf rt 50% leu het and 33% creamino het
Odyssey (B.G)-Leucistic 2010/03/30 Leucistic
Odyssey - Totty 2010/03/30 Leucistic
Odyssey TL 2011/03/05 Mosaic Minimally marked Lion mosaic. 25% het for Leucistic
OFG Adidas 02/11/2018 Black Beauty
OFG Aiyana HSG 10/24/2016 Leucistic
OFG Akira 03/06/2015 Leucistic
OFG Amara 10/10/2017 Mosaic Piebald 100% Cremino het
OFG Anna MJP 07/30/2017 Leucistic
OFG Arriba 03/08/2016 Platinum Garnet Eyes, 50% Cremino het, 50% plat/lue het
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