Name Dawn~RSSG (click to view pedigree)
Owner Ayme Ashe
Breeder Cindy Schultz(1)
Gender Female
Father Audrick~RSSG*
Mother Ronwyn~RSSG*
Picture Unknown
OOP Date 07/27/2018
Color Creme-ino
Inbred percentage 1.666 %
Brothers and sisters
8 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Alena~RSSG* 05/24/2017 Strawberry
Benelli~RSSG* 08/26/2017 Classic Grey 100% creme het
Chastidy~RSSG* 05/23/2017 Strawberry red toned grey
Ghost~RSSG* 06/07/2018 Red !00% creme het
Gizmo MRE 03162019 Carmino (red eyed Caramel)
Little River Phoenix~RSSG* 08/26/2017 Creme-ino
Test joey - Audrich&Ronwyn~RSSG* MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Test joey male Audrick & Rhonwyn 08/25/2017 Classic Grey 50% leu/plat
Added by CindyJ. SchultzRSSG1
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