Arrow ~SunsetSuggies~
Name Arrow ~SunsetSuggies~ (click to view pedigree)
Owner Unknown
Breeder Jade Fowler
Gender Female
Father Kirito Lamb
Mother Raven ~SunsetSuggies~
Picture Unknown
OOP Date 07/23/2017
Color Mosaic
Genetics 66% Creme-ino Het, 50% Plat Het
Inbred percentage 0.2685 %
Brothers and sisters
5 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Abigail ~SunsetSuggies~ 09/15/2016 Mosaic 66% creme het, 50% plat het
Addison ~SunsetSuggies~ 01/30/2017 Mosaic 66% Creme-ino Het, 50% Platinum Het
Albus ~SunsetSuggies~ 11/26/2017 White Face 66% creme-ino het, 50% platinum het
Ari-Anna ~SunsetSuggies~ 05/30/2016 Mosaic 66% Creme het, 50% Plat het
Mason ~SunsetSuggies~ 05/30/2016 White Faced Blonde 66% Creme Het, 50% Plat Het
Added by Jade Fowler
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