Dahlia (tdg)
Name Dahlia (tdg) (click to view pedigree)
Owner Nicole Namer
Breeder GliderBoy Gliders
Gender Female
Father GBG Colson
Mother GBG Anabeth and Cricket
Picture Unknown
OOP Date 10/27/2016
Color Ruby Leu
Genetics Ruby leucistic possible mosaic
Inbred percentage 1.9927 %
Brothers and sisters
8 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
BDSS Pike 12/15/2017 Platinum 100% Platinum 100% Creamino 66% Leu
Bloosom (tdg) 10/27/2016 Mosaic Minimal mosaic - Red mosaic 66% creme and leucistic
Fiona - SK MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic Red Mosaic 66 Creme, 66 Leu
GBG Alliebeth MM/DD/YYYY TPM True Platinum Mosaic Strawberry Tpm
GBG Colson x Anabeth and Cricket MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Ivy (SGC) MM/DD/YYYY TPM True Platinum Mosaic
Ivy (tdg) 11/11/2016 Mosaic True Platinum Mosaic 66% Cremeino
Odessa (SGC) 10/27/2016 TPM True Platinum Mosaic Red platinum
Added by Nicole
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