Mystery ~SunsetSuggies~
Name Mystery ~SunsetSuggies~ (click to view pedigree)
Owner Unknown
Breeder Jade Fowler
Gender Female
Father Spirit ~SunsetSuggies~
Mother Shirayuki ~Sunset Suggies~
Picture Unknown
OOP Date 08/23/2016
Color Leucistic
Genetics 25% creme het, possible mosaic
Remarks Mother was bought as a white mosaic leu het but may actually be a true plat mosaic which would explain a leu offspring
Inbred percentage 1.14 %
Brothers and sisters
10 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Dancer ~SunsetSuggies~ 02/05/2017 Leucistic 25% creme het
Dudek ~SunsetSuggies~ 06/03/2018 Leucistic
Harley ~SunsetSuggies~ 06/03/2018 TPM True Platinum Mosaic 100% Leu Het
Magic ~SunsetSuggies~ 08/23/2016 Platinum 100% leu het, 25% creme het
Moon ~SunsetSuggies~ 02/20/2018 TPM True Platinum Mosaic 100% Leucistic Het
Ram ~SunsetSuggies~ 10/21/2017 Platinum 100% Leu Het, 25% Creme Het
Rem ~SunsetSuggies~ 10/21/2017 TPM True Platinum Mosaic 100% Leu Het, 25% Creme Het
Silver ~SunsetSuggies~ 02/20/2018 Platinum 100% Leucistic Het
Toga ~SunsetSuggies~ 05/22/2017 Leucistic Possible mosaic, 25% creme het
Toshi ~SunsetSuggies~ 05/22/2017 Platinum 100% Leu het, 25% Creme het
Added by Jade Fowler
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