Daisy (S.R.G.)
Name Daisy (S.R.G.) (click to view pedigree)
Owner Unknown
Breeder Stephanie Gratton
Gender Female
Father Brutuz Ost (S.R.G.)
Mother Olive Oyl (S.R.G.)
Picture Unknown
OOP Date 06/05/2016
Color Leucistic
Genetics mocistic with speckled ears.
Remarks Sold pet only to Laura Neice.
Inbred percentage 2.0114 %
Brothers and sisters
17 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Acksel (S.R.G.) 05/27/2018 Leucistic
Casper (S.R.G.) 09/25/2016 Leucistic Casper is a mocisitic. Speckled ears.
Dax (S.R.G.) ost 01/08/2017 Platinum 100% leucistic het
Diva (S.R.G.) 02/22/2016 Leucistic
Kyle (S.R.G.) 05/19/2017 Platinum 100% leucistic het
Lint (S.R.G.) 11/02/2015 Leucistic
Lupin (S.R.G.) 02/19/2015 Platinum 100% leucistic het
Mila (S.R.G.) 02/19/2015 Leucistic
Oliver (S.R.G.) 09/14/2014 Leucistic
Pinky (S.R.G.) 11/02/2015 Leucistic
Purdy Glacier (S.R.G.) 06/29/2015 Platinum 100% Leucistic Het
Purdy Ice (S.R.G.) 06/29/2015 Leucistic
Purdy Zoey (S.R.G.) 06/05/2016 Mosaic True Platinum Mosaic (TPM) 100% het platinum/leucistic
Spirit Boo (S.R.G.) 09/26/2017 Leucistic
Stuart (little) S.R.G. 05/19/2017 Leucistic
Tiny (S.R.G.) 09/26/2017 Leucistic
Xena (S.R.G.) 01/15/2018 Leucistic
Added by Stephanie
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