Name Dewey (click to view pedigree)
Owner Casey Johnson
Breeder Danielle Wolf
Gender Male
Father Fubu DCC
Mother Ecco DCC
Picture Unknown
OOP Date 09/04/2015
Color Mosaic
Genetics Strong pied lines. 39% Leucistic het. 50% creme-ino het.
Remarks White face minimally marked mosaic with white tip on tail.
Inbred percentage 0.6866 %
Brothers and sisters
11 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
AdaLynn 12/27/2015 White Face 33% Leucistic het 50% creme-ino het
Arlo 05/18/2015 Mosaic Minimally marked mosaic. 33% Leucistic het. 50% creme-ino het. Strong pied lines.
Bergie 12/01016 Mosaic 33% leucistic het 50% Creme-ino het
Chance 04/10/2016 Mosaic He is white faced, white tipped, and a minimally marked mosaic. Also 36.3% leu het
Charming 08/19/2014 Classic Grey Possible WF. 33% leu het 50% Creme-ino het.
Moto 07/15/2016 Classic Grey 33% leucistic Het. 50%creme-ino het
Mystique MM/DD/YYYY Mosaic 50% Creme-ino het, 33% Leucistic het.
Pebbles 09/04/2015 Mosaic 50% creme-ino het. 33% Leucistic het
Peggy 07/15/2016 White Face 33% Leu het. 50% creme-ino het
Riley 09/15/2014 Classic Grey 50% Creme-ino het 33% Leu het
Zelda ALS 01/01/2015 Classic Grey 50% Creme-ino het. 33% Leu het
Added by Danielle Wolf
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