Erin - Brown Beauty
Name Erin - Brown Beauty (click to view pedigree)
Owner The Pet Glider
Breeder Unknown
Gender Female
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Picture Unknown
Color Brown Beauty
Remarks Original glider born in 2000. Breeders were not keeping genetic history like they are today.
Inbred percentage At least both parents need to be known to do an inbreeding calculation.
9 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Beauty Gals (2) - Black Beauties - TPG YYYY/MM/DD Black Beauty two black beauty sisters
Blackie - black beauty TPG YYYY/MM/DD Black Beauty
Butterscotch 2007/10/10 Brown Beauty
Chloe 2007/07/DD Brown Beauty
Holly (NJG) 2008/07/18 Brown Beauty
Jay (NJG) 2003/11/01 Brown Beauty
LuLu 2007/04/29 Brown Beauty Out of Erin and Eli
Tipper YYYY/MM/DD Red/Brown Series White Tip Tail
Wesley YYYY/MM/DD Brown Beauty Brown Beauty
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