Zebras - Mosaics - TPG
Name Zebras - Mosaics - TPG (click to view pedigree)
Owner The Pet Glider
Breeder Priscilla Price
Gender Female
Father Zachary - mosaic
Mother Leon Girl - Mosaic - TPG
Picture Unknown
OOP Date 2008/04/27
Color Mosaic
Genetics Possible leucistic het and known producer of piebalds.
Remarks 2 sisters
Inbred percentage 0 %
7 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Bridgette-My Little Sugar Glider 2009/05/17 Classic Grey Possible new leu line. 66% het for Leucistic
Horse & Zebras Offspring - TPG YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Horse's Honeys (2) - Mosaic - TPG 2011/05/16 Mosaic Sisters (2) - 1 - ringtail and 1 - white mosaic with piebald markers (pictured above)
Pony boy 04/26/2014 Mosaic Marble Possible leu
Reggie Adora 2012/08/25 Mosaic Marble 25% leu het. Pied markered.
SGL Pico 2012/06/03 Mosaic Piebald 25% het leu has reversed stripe and is a piebald white mosaic
Subria SGG 2012/02/15 Ringtail
Brothers and sisters
1 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Zaz - Mosaic - TPG 2009/05/29 Mosaic possible leucistic het
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