Mercedes Lamb
Name Mercedes Lamb (click to view pedigree)
Owner Sherri Lamb
Breeder Shelly Fowler
Gender Female
Father Delorian Lamb
Mother Vette Lamb
Picture Unknown
OOP Date 2012/09/12
Color Creme-ino
Inbred percentage 1.5922 %
24 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Amaya ~SunsetSuggies~ 02/28/2016 Ringtail 100% Creme-ino Het, 50% Leucistic Het
Apollo FO 02/17/2017 Mosaic Ringtail
Archer SSGG 10/10/2013 White Faced Blonde 100% Creme-ino Het
Asher ~SunsetSuggies~ 07/07/2015 Mosaic Ringtail 100% Creme-ino Het Pied and Paradox Lines
Ava ~SunsetSuggies~ 06/04/2016 White Faced Blonde 100% Creme-ino, 50% Leu
Blayze ~SunsetSuggies~ 03/15/2014 Creme-ino Mosaic Ring-tail, brother is paradox spotted
Ember ~SunsetSuggies~ 06/25/2014 Creme-ino Mosaic
Emma ~SunsetSuggies~ 06/04/2016 Classic Grey 100% Creme-ino Het, 50% Leu Het
Fennick ~SunsetSuggies~ 09/10/2016 Creme-ino 50% leu het
Groot (formerly Ignite ~SunsetSuggies~) RSSG 10/03/2014 Creme-ino Pied and Paradox lines
Groot TJG 10/03/2014 Creme-ino Pied and Paradox lines
Heartlands Noah 06/27/2013 Creme-ino WF Mosaic white tail and white collar
Hermes FO 02/17/2017 Creme-ino 50% Leu Het
Kaliber SSGG 01/19/2015 Creme-ino Mosaic from Pied and Paradox lines, 100% leucistic het proven
Leo ~SunsetSuggies~ 02/28/2016 Creme-ino Creme-ino Mosaic 50% het leucistic from Pied and Paradox lines
Lola (SSG-SJL) 10/03/2014 Mosaic Ringtail Pied and Paradox lines
MercedesSnickers YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Moka ~SunsetSuggies~ 10/19/2015 Creme-ino Pied and Paradox lines
Nadia ~Sunset Suggies~ 06/27/2013 Mosaic Ringtail 100% Creme-ino Het
Phoenix ~SunsetSuggies~ 03/15/2014 Creme-ino Mosaic, Paradox spotted (two spots-one on back and the other on top of right leg)
Rebel ~SunsetSuggies~ 07/07/2015 Creme-ino Pied and Paradox Lines
Shana ~SunsetSuggies~ 04/12/2015 White Face 100% Creme-ino Het Pied and Paradox Lines
Spyro ~SunsetSuggies~ 06/25/2014 Mosaic Ringtail 100% Creme-ino het
Wiggles ~Sunset Suggies~ 10/10/2013 Creme-ino Ring-tail Mosaic
Brothers and sisters
10 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Camaro Lamb 2013/05/06 Mosaic 100% cremino het
Captain Morgan Scsg 07/22/2013 Creme-ino cremino mosaic 25% plat het, 12.5% leu het, 12.5% albino het
King Lamb 2012/06/13 Albino
Koi-Ai 01/31/2013 Creme-ino possible plat het, possible albino het
monte Lamb 07/22/2013 White Face 100% cremino het
oltre gg 01/24/2014 Creme-ino creamino mosaic, 25% plat or leu het 12.5% albino het,
Oltre Lamb MM/DD/YYYY Creme-ino Mosaic
Ryker Reynolds 10/23/13 Creme-ino 25% plat,12.5% leu and 12.5 albino het
test male sherri YYYY/MM/DD Albino
Wendy Lamb 2012/09/12 Creme-ino 100% leu het proven
Added by sherri
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