Freedom - JustforFuzzies
Name Freedom - JustforFuzzies (click to view pedigree)
Owner Nicole Bustamante
Breeder Kristen DeRosa
Gender Male
Father Krys Kritters Leo
Mother Krys Kritters Piper
OOP Date 2008/07/08
Color Black Beauty
Inbred percentage 0 %
23 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Alexander 2009/12/29 White Faced Blonde 33% Leu Het
Baby 2011/04/13 Black Beauty
Bailey - tsp sugar 2010/6/21 Mosaic WF Mosaic/33% Leu Het
Baxter-SuggiesRUs MM/DD/YYYY Classic Grey
Cindy Phelps 07/30/2015 Black Beauty
Cleopatra 2009/12/29 Mosaic WF Mosaic/33% Leucistic Het
Cricket 2012/01/16 Mosaic
Cricket - JustForFuzzies 1/16/2012 Mosaic Minimally-Marked Mosaic/25% Leu Het
F/P joey YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Freedom-Liberty Joey YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
Garnet-Freedom Joey YYYY/MM/DD Classic Grey
GN Ciara Sterk 2/21/2012 Black Beauty
Halle - Kalie 9/1/11 Black Beauty Black Beauty
Hopper 2012/01/16 Mosaic
Kitty 2009/08/16 Mosaic Sunkissed WF Mosaic/33% Leu Het
KrysKritters Peeta 08/05/2013 Black Beauty
Larry 2007/03/28 Lion
Lethe - JustForFuzzies 7/20/2012 Black Beauty Pure gray/BB lines
Noir Yoshe 2011/04/13 Classic Grey
Sahara - Tsp Sugar 08/05/2013 Black Beauty Clean lines
Sephiroth 2010/12/20 Classic Grey White Tip Het
Tipkins 2010/3/28 White Tip WF Mosaic(Proven)/33% Leucistic Het
Valkoinen Just for Fuzzies / KD-Gliders MM/DD/YYYY White Tip 25-50% cremino het, 50-100% leu het
Brothers and sisters
2 Animals found.
Name OOP Date Color Genetics
Krys Kritters Aquarius 2008/02/16 Black Beauty
Krys Kritters Ivy 2008/02/16 Black Beauty
Added by Nicole Bustamante
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